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Electronic Gradebook and the Jenzabar eLearning LMS: Home

This guide contains information on the Jenzabar eLearning LMS, which includes the electronic gradebook.

Electronic Gradebook Tutorial

The first link is a PowerPoint show/tutorial on how to set up the electronic gradebook in the Jenzabar LMS. The files below this are video instructions, which are also included in the PowerPoint show. For more detailed, printer-friendly instructions, look in the Handouts sections below.

Handouts for Blackboard Users


The first file contains instructions for locating your gradebook/ LMS. The next two files (BASICS) provide instructions for setting up the electronic gradebook and entering grades manually. The remaining handouts are instructions for using other features in the Jenzabar LMS. Additional handouts will be added as they become available.

Getting Started

Electronic Gradebook Tutorial: The first box includes a PowerPoint show/tutorial to show you the basics for using the Jenzabar eLearning gradebook function. Below the tutorial are links to the videos used in the tutorial. If you need more detailed information, with screenshots, check out the handouts below.

Handouts for Blackboard Users: The second box includes handouts for those faculty who use Blackboard (Bb) to teach totally online courses. Because Bb already has an online gradebook, faculty who teach these courses will only be required to post mid-term and second-half-of-term grades to the Jenzabar LMS. This will mean Bb faculty will need to calculate those two grades separately. The first handout in this box shows how to create calculated columns to make calculating mid-term and second-half-of-term grades easier. The second handout includes instructions for setting up the gradebook and recording grades.

Handouts: Instructions for accessing the electronic gradebook, a.k.a Jenzabar eLearning LMS, are included in the first handout in this box. The two files that follow this file are ones you will need for setting up the most basic gradebook possible, meaning you will be entering all grades manually.  If you plan to use some of the other features of the learning management system (LMS), you may need the remaining handouts.

Electronic Gradebook

Jenzabar eLearning

The official electronic gradebook of PTC is housed in a product called, eLearning, which is a fully functional Learning Management System (LMS) created by Jenzabar. This means that the system not only has a gradebook, it has built in tools for discussion boards, attendance, online exams, and more.

You may hear the system referred to as a variety of terms, including the ones below. These are all the same system.

  • Jenzabar eLearning
  • eLearning
  • e-Racer (the former name of the product)
  • electronic gradebook

You may notice that the gradebook looks quite a bit like the portal. This is because the portal is also a Jenzabar product and has many of the same features as the LMS. If you have added minutes to committee pages, created portlets, or otherwise administered the portal, you should have no problems with the LMS.

The Electronic Gradebook: Part of the Picture

Because the electronic gradebook is part of the LMS, and not a standalone product, you have to create assignments, which then automatically become part of the gradebook. There is a handout for setting up the most basic gradebook (grades are entered manually) and several more for working with individual tools and features.


Recording Attendance

The Attendance tool in Jenzabar Elearning is easy to use. By default, attendance is recorded by the whole session, but you can change the marking method to "by the hour," or "by the minute." The "Attendance Overview" instructions include information on adjusting settings, counting (or not) attendance as part of the grade, editing attendance grade settings, and managing sessions. The "Taking Attendance by the Whole Session" file is for faculty who count attendance as either present, tardy, unexcused absence, or excused absense. The "Taking Attendance by the Hour or by the Minute" file is for faculty who need to count attendance in contact hours or minutes. This might also be an alternative for deducting points for students who leave early, as you record the amount of time a student is actually in class.

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